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Proto-type to volume production
24hrs to 8 weeks delivery
Consignment, Full and partial turnkey, RE-Work
Maximum 200 feeders with 8mm tape, 350 feeders with 4 mm tape
Max board sizes: 29 x 29 inch, 17 x 36 inch
Full box build services
Cable assembly

.3mm pitch, POP / BGA / CBGA / FPBGA / FCBGA / PGBA / QFPS / CCGA/ CGA /CSPS/ 01005 CHIP PLACEMENT, PTH and mixed technology
All Re-Flow with Nitrogen ( 99.999% )
Bill of material (BOM)/ approved vendor list (AVL) analysis
Component and materials engineering services, Components in the stock, Automatic high speed laser Pick & Place for SMT lines with 150,000 CPH,
Automatic high speed laser placement system for SMT
Small chip 20,000 CPH and large chip 10,000 CPH
Packout and shipping to the location of use

JElectronics provides fully Tested PCBAs, State of the Art Technology, 3 D Paste Inspection and 3 D X-RAY, 3 D AOI, In-house Flying Probe & Functional Test Capability, ICT Tester.

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